‚ÄčOur company was started in 1963 as a husband and wife business in Norristown, Pennsylvania.   The humble beginnings with the pizzelle bakery in the family's corner grocery store, the little bag of pizzelle waffle cookies became a favorite of the shoppers.  Word spread, and soon people drove miles for the delicious tasting pizzelles. When grocers outside of the Norristown area inquired to the availability of buying the pizzelles in larger quantities at a wholesale price to sell in their stores, it was obvious that Little Pepi's Pizzelles could be a business by itself.

By the early 1970's Little Pepi's Pizzelles moved into a former food facility on Lafayette Street, just up the street from the family grocery store. By 1980, distributors were added to the customer file and plans were made to upgrade the bakery equipment to meet the expected new business.  For years Little Pepi's Pizzelles were made with many single unit waffle irons, and the challenge would be how to maintain the home baked pizzelle cookie, while increasing production.  After years of trying different ideas to automate, a design finally was created, that kept the quality the same, and allowed us to make thousands of pizzelles an hour.  By 1983 the lines were up and baking, and remained the same for 21 years.

After forty years in Norristown, Little Pepi's relocated to Hatfield, Pennsylvania on October 18, 2004.  With the move came a new oven, one that would see us quadruple our production.  With the change in our baking process we have been able to fine-tune our old world recipe, reducing the fat and calorie content and adding more flavor to the great taste you have come to enjoy. We still hand pack every package of pizzelle waffle cookies, maintaining the highest standard of quality control, and with pizzelles available year round, Little Pepi's Makes Every Day a Holiday!. 

History of Little Pepi's

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