We begin every baking day cracking over 800 dozen Grade AA eggs delivered fresh from a farm in Lancaster, PA.  The eggs are cracked by hand and are whipped to give them a light, fluffy consistency.  The eggs are then blended with our secret flavor recipe, General Mills flour, Domino Sugar, and pure 100% Canola oil in a mixer. The mixing bowl is then rolled over to the oven where the batter is pumped into a custom made depositor.  The depositor does what its name says; It deposits four exact batter portions onto the pizzelle irons.  Our oven has 86 plates, or irons, on a conveyor that moves the pizzelles through a baking tunnel.  The temperatures and speed are closely monitored and adjusted to maintain texture and taste.

One second after the batter is placed on the bottom plate the top plate gently comes down.  Temperatures on the plates can range from 375 to 450 degrees depending on what flavor we are baking, temperatures in the production area, or speed of the oven.   Between 30 and 35 seconds later (again depending on speed and temperature), a pizzelle leaves the plates and a small conveyor carries the baked cookie away from the oven. 

The ride begins.  The baked pizzelles, having safely slid out of the oven are now on their way to the bagging station, but first they must cool.  Traveling along 75 feet of stainless steel open rod conveyor the cookies are cooled naturally.  Reaching the bagging station, each cookie is carefully scrutinized, bagged, and weighed.  The average tenure of our packing employees picking up pizzelles is over ten years, and they are very selective of what goes in a box of Little Pepi's.

From the pick-up area the bags of cookies are sent to the boxing station where they are twist tied and put in the famous red, green,black, and white Little Pepi's box.   The boxes are placed in a heavyweight corrugated case, sealed, and walked to the warehouse and placed on a skid.  Knowing our cookies are fragile, we don't slide cases of finished pizzelles on a conveyor, or toss them.  Although customers sometimes get broken cookies, the response is you don't return potato chips because there are broken ones, and besides a few broken Little Pepi's are better than none. 

How we make our Pizzelles

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