The Pizzellettes as they like to be called had custom made Little Pepi's aprons made for Christmas.  They are now ready to help their parents out in the kitchen.

Nikki and Caity  were thrilled to find 3 flavors of Little Pepi’s at Filippi’s in the Little Italy section of San Diego while on vacation from their homes in Western Pennsylvania.

From Eric Y in Delaware – “Hello! I’ve been eating Little Pepi’s ‘The Original’ waffle cookies for many years. It started when my mom bought me a pack when I lived with her, and now about 20 years later she still buys them for me at work! I enjoy your product, and you will always have a fan in Delaware. Thank you!” 

Thank you Eric for the support and kind words!

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Fan Mateo couldn't even wait until he got home from the store to break into a box our Original Anise flavor pizzelles!

Fan Michael from PA sent us a picture with his favorite flavor saying "Hello, I've been a fan of your cookies for many many years. They are the best. I used to work for the Delaware County Intermediate Unit , in developmental, and physical support so I will always support any company that employs and helps these individuals. Thanks for helping the community, keep up the great work."

It is great to hear from our fans, many who share our social and community goals.

Little Pepi's Wall of Fans!

​The Clark’s family reunion was a success when Uncle David brought a variety pack of Little Pepi’s Pizzelles with multiple flavors of ice cream.  Lots of creative ice cream sandwich combinations resulted!

The Blue Platoon of Bravo Troopers are big fans of Little Pepi's Pizzelle Waffle Cookies.  Picture above was taken just outside of Baghdad, with the guys holding on to the familiar red and green boxes of pizzelles.  Vanilla is the favorite flavor of these men. 

Rachel Ray is a fan of Little Pepi's, see her video here.

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